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Auckland business coaching and consulting - Re-focus Program - 1440 New Zealand NZ


Working hard, but not enjoying it or feeling satisfied? Let us help you find out why and make some changes.

If you were asked to rate your current level of enjoyment and satisfaction in your job on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being loving it!), what would you rate yourself? Very few of us are at 10. Anything less than a 10, suggests that there is an opportunity to get more out of your role and feel more satisfied.

There could be a number of reasons – you’re overworked, not sure of what you need achieve, a sense you are not accomplishing anything, dysfunctional relationships with peers or a boss that frustrates you – the list can go on.

This program aims to look at what opportunities there are for you to become more satisfied in your role. We use an incredibly insightful profile tool that gives you a sense of why you are behaving or acting the way you are – and what could be changed so you feel more effective.

Auckland business coaching and consulting - Get Back Time Program - 1440 New Zealand NZ

Get back time

Being effective is really important. But it’s easier said than done. Let us show you how to have more time.

There is a huge link between the way we think and how that transforms into the way we behave or act. Just think about all those books on being ‘positive’ and PMA (positive mental attitude).

The essence is that understanding how you ‘think’ can provide insights into how you behave – and therefore how you can be a more effective individual.

This program is designed for all leaders – in particular for those wanting to achieve more, take on new challenges or just to overcome obstacles or barriers to their success.




Auckland business coaching and consulting - Make the Move Program - 1440 New Zealand NZ

Make the move

With a new role comes new pressures and challenges. Managing your first three months is key to your success. Let us help you plan it out.

Whether moving to a new role/new company, or moving to a new role within your existing company, there will be challenges, relationships, structures and systems that you will need to get your head around. On top of all that you will want to make sure you deliver what’s required, be successful and ultimately enjoy what you’ve signed up for.

This program puts in place a simple action plan to bridge the gap between old and new. It is supported by one on one coaching sessions to ensure you not only stay on track, but also maximise opportunities or overcome obstacles that present themselves. You will also develop some strong insights into the way you work and what you need to do to be really effective.

Auckland business coaching and consulting - Time for the team Program - 1440 New Zealand NZ

Time for the team

We all know the power of the team over just one person. Having a team of really effective people can significantly improve the way your business performs.

There are many things teams can do to work better together. We look specifically at how effective the team is – how do they interact with each other and how they can improve what they achieve together.

This program is for all types of team, from Executive and Management teams, through to frontline team leaders and supervisors. It also works well for project teams, or newly formed teams looking to set the scene for success.