The story behind New Zealand coaching and business consulting company, 1440



1440---New-Zealand-Business-Consulting-and-Coaching---Mike-Kensington---our-story-There are only 1440 minutes in a day and we all use them up pretty quickly. At 1440 we believe there is so much to be gained from taking time out in your day, your week or even once a month to check you are focusing on the right things, and working as effectively as you can.

Highly successful people know that there is nothing more valuable than time and how you use it. Whether you are a business owner, General Manager, Managing Director or a newly promoted Manager, take time to understand more about yourself and how you can increase your effectiveness – and get back some time.

At 1440 we use a combination of self-insight and coaching to unlock what is already ticking away inside you head. We don’t provide the answers – you do.



1440---New-Zealand-Business-Consulting-and-Coaching---Mike-Kensington---our-story-Mike loves seeing people take advantage of an opportunity – no matter how small it may be. It could be something significant like a new promotion or a big-deal project, or it could be the desire to spend more time with the kids. No matter what it is, he will challenge you to think and behave more effectively. This way you can be more successful in what you do at work and this leads to being more satisfied in our lives.

He has worked alongside a wide range of great people. From Executives, MD’s and Business Owners through to Senior Managers, frontline team leaders, newly appointed Managers. Mike has a Certificate in Coaching and completed the Coach Leader Accreditation Programme through Results Coaching. He is an Accredited Practitioner for the Human Synergistics LSI, GSI and L/I profile tools, as well as the R2 Strengths Profile. He has worked with a range of organisations (large and small, public and private) and was most recently the Head of Human Resources for a NZ publically listed organisation.


At 1440 we work with a number of key partners throughout New Zealand. Their tools and programs enable us to provide you with additional insights into your leadership, improve your effectiveness and support your coaching objectives.

POD Consulting

Working with the team at POD to deliver their Achieving Business Results program of strategic business planning and coaching.


Using the R2 Strengths Profiler to give you insight into your strengths – those you can use now to unlock potential and achieve more.

Human Synergistics International

Working with the LSI and L/I tools to increase your personal effectiveness and success, and the GSI to promote teams working well together.