Coaching scenarios and reviews from 1440 New Zealand clients


Senior Manager

Senior Manager looking to better establish themselves as an Executive. Developed a better understanding of what success looked like for them and how to ‘back themselves’ more. They put strategies in place to recognise the contribution they made and what they delivered.


Director looking to galvanize their team more to achieve some fairly hefty objectives. Shifted their focus from achieving as an individual to what they could do to develop their team – so they felt empowered and capable to deliver more.


Successful business entrepreneur looking to get ‘smarter’ about how they run their business and team. We simplified what they wanted to achieve, broke it down into strategies and then coached them to achieve set actions over a short time frame.


Head of a significant business division who was seen as ‘top talent’ and was constantly striving to be successful. But they wanted to spend more time as parent, so we looked at what achievement really looked like for them and how to get better balance – yet still feel successful.


Mike’s coaching was very effective in helping me to see more clearly through what would otherwise have been a feedback fog. He provided the right level of challenge – not too confrontational so as to provoke a retreat but challenging enough to encourage action. I found him to be pragmatic, but not simplistic, and insightful without over-thinking
Business Unit DirectorLeading NZ Organisation, Auckland
Coming into the coaching process I had a lot of tangled issues concerning my organisation. Mike was patient and yet provocative in absorbing what I presented. His response was clear and uncomplicated whilst also (somehow) understanding of the complexity of my situation.
Senior ManagerTertiary Institution, Auckland, New Zealand
Mike really challenges and tests your thinking, to bring out your best. For me it was largely around decision making and how I could adapt my style to be most effective. Through his coaching style Mike worked with me to gain a practical and commercial understanding of the key outcomes and it is this balance that sets him aside from many.
Senior Regional ManagerRetail Business, Auckland, New Zealand