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There are only 1440 minutes in a day and we all use them up pretty quickly. At 1440 we believe there is so much to be gained from taking time out in your day, your week or even once a month to check you are focusing on the right things, and working as effectively as you can.

We started 1440 as a coaching business to help people find smarter ways to run their business, have more impact as a manager or leader, or just to get more balance between work and home.

Our approach to coaching is to provide simple, uncomplicated sessions that result in clarity and action. By working more effectively you will have more time and energy to take advantage of opportunities and actions that last.



With a focus on being effective and maximising the time you have to achieve what you need to, our programmes are designed to deliver you sustainable results. Talk to us about the changes you want to make. We can find a programme that works for you or develop something specific to you.

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Working hard, but not enjoying it or feeling satisfied? Let us help you find out why and make some changes.

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Get back time

Being effective is really important. But it’s easier said than done. Let us show you how to have more time.

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Make the move

With a new role comes new pressures and challenges. Managing your first 90 days is key to your success. Let us help you plan it out.

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Time for the team

We all know the power of the team over just one person. Having a team of effective people can make your business perform well. Let us show you how we can help.


Here’s what some of our clients have said about working with Mike.

Mike’s coaching was very effective in helping me to see more clearly through what would otherwise have been a feedback fog. He provided the right level of challenge – not too confrontational so as to provoke a retreat but challenging enough to encourage action. I found him to be pragmatic, but not simplistic, and insightful without over-thinking
Business Unit DirectorLeading NZ Organisation, Auckland
If you’re not sure what you need to focus on, or how you will overcome what’s in front of you,
take some time to contact us.